Represent your Plant Based Lifestyle with Plant Beast Apparel

Plant Beast Apparel is here to represent a cruelty free lifestyle and to smash myths. We will strive to find Organic, Recycle material and Eco friendly options for all of our clothing. A small percentage of our profits will go to a Farm rescue sanctuary of choice.

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Vegan Apparel

Show off those Plant-Based gains with our Fitted T-shirts and Tank tops. Please view size chart for that snug fit. Also we are tagless because tags are annoying.

Powered by Plants design glows in the dark!

As a Vegan Athlete you represent billions of animals out there. People will look at you and judge you. That's why we think it is important to show off those Cruelty Free Gains and inspire others to do the same.

Vegan Vixen

Not just gym wear. We will also come out with more stylish Vegan Apparel for you Ladies and Gents. Look good while saving the earth!

Plant Beast Booth

Plant Beast Apparel also tours in Expos such as VegFest, Earth day and events similar so be on the look out for us.

Environmentally Friendly

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